Club History


Welcome to the heart of Winston-Salem's golfing legacy – Maple Chase Golf and Country Club, where history and modern luxury collide to create an

unparalleled experience.


For seven decades our property has been home to a golf course which has been a beacon of tradition, community, and excellence.


In the vibrant 1950s, a visionary group of golf enthusiasts, led by the legendary Ellis Maples, embarked on a mission to establish a golfing haven. The result? A stunning 18-hole masterpiece, carved out of the picturesque 300-acre landscape of the "Cox Farm." Pine Brook Country Club was born, and from its historic roots, Maple Chase emerged in 2013 as the epitome of the full golf experience.


Our journey has been marked by growth and innovation. Over the years, we've transformed the original Cox home into a state-of-the-art clubhouse, added a sparkling swimming pool, a spacious ballroom, and a top-notch pro shop. In 2000, we took a giant leap, replacing the original clubhouse with a classic yet modern clubhouse – a testament to our commitment to excellence.


In 2013, under the ownership of local luminaries Lynn Murphy and Lynette Matthews-Murphy, Pine Brook became Maple Chase. Renovations began, breathing new life into our facilities. The "Pinebrook Grille and Bar" was unveiled, a tribute to our storied past. Our clubhouse now boasts a fitness center, a refined dining area, and a captivating outdoor patio with a fireplace. But the soul of Maple Chase lies in our meticulously crafted golf course. A nod to Ellis Maples' original vision, our entire course is undergoing extensive renovations throughout 2024 to make it one of the most sophisticated and enjoyable courses in the state. The buzz in our community is palpable, and we invite you to be a part of it.


Today, Maple Chase Golf and Country Club stands as more than a golf club; it's a lifestyle, a community, and a sanctuary for our cherished members, their families, and esteemed guests. Join us as we continue the legacy of Maples and company – where history meets excitement, and every day is an invitation to greatness!